Exito en el stand de Ind. Juan López de Gulfood 2016

Exito en el stand de  Ind. Juan López de Gulfood 2016

Industrias Hermanos Juan Lopez and Top Candy are two companies belonging to the same group. Meanwhile Juan Lopez is a leading confectionery manufacturer, Top Candy combines the injection and blowing of plastics on behalf of the manufacturing of small candy toys.


Juan Lopez manufactures in its modern plant the following product families:

  • Dextrose candies, necklaces, watches, rolls, dextrose lollypops, dextrose dip & licks
  • Hard boiled candies, candies, lollypops, flat lollypops, rock candies
  • Coated candies, fruits, small bottles etc


Top candy combines the products of JL with the injection of plastic to assemble small candy toys but besides this manufactures two more groups of confectionery:

  • Candy toys, lipsticks, whistle, dummies, small tins
  • Marshmallows, deposited and extruded
  • Liquid candies, Bottle pops


Some of our brands are:

  • Bipop
  • Funny Pop
  • Hallowfizz
  • Draku
  • Fizzoo
  • Superfizz
  • Bambino
  • Top Mallows
  • Sponge Mallows
  • Top Cones
  • Cool Cola
  • Black Bull
  • Sparkling
  • Bottle Pop


Our export department coordinates exports to all countries over the world.